Wednesday, 1 October 2014

How to Get a Healthy Scalp

Scalp is that part of your body that provides all the nutrition to your hair. A healthy scalp plays a very vital role in the growth and health of the hair. If anyhow your scalp doesn't get the required nutrition or gets damaged by any chance, then it is your hair which has to ultimately suffer.

Everybody must have gone through the bad hair days and you better know how harsh it is. Therefore your scalp should be taken good care so that you could avoid scalp damage. And for that purpose this article has come up with some tips relating to your healthy scalp care regimen.

For better scalp care treatment one need to know the properties of your scalp. And it is really very important to know whether your scalp is oily or it is dry one. As there are different treatments for different types of scalps. Any type of scalp you have, here in this article we shall discuss about some of the basic scalp care tips. For a better maintained and nourished scalp it is obvious that you need to have a very balanced diet providing all the essential nutrients that your scalp and hair demands. All the essential proteins, vitamins and also the minerals should be present in proportionate amount in your diet if you want a healthy scalp. You should also keep in mind that the nutrition you provide to your scalp though your diet would be channeled into your hair. Therefore it is confirmed that the hair gets its nutrition from the scalp.
Now let us come straight to the point. Does not matter if your scalp is too oily or dry, both are not good for the health of your scalp. Too much oil in the scalp makes it sticky and the dust and the dirt particles gets stick to it as well as forming layers they prevent the proper circulation to your scalp. Therefore regular washing is a must if you have an oily scalp. Shampooing on every alternate day may help a lot in this matter. But if your scalp is dry then you should be careful about the washing. In that case you should avoid regular shampoo. Shampooing once or twice a week would be enough for this type of scalp. This is because shampoo strips out all the essential oils of the hair and the scalp along with the extra oil and makes your scalp drier.
If you do have a dry scalp avoid the over drying of the scalp. In that case Blow-drying should be strictly forbidden. You should also try to wash your hair cold or lukewarm water as hot water dries your scalp. Besides washing you should also scale your scalp with the help of a gentle scrub so that the dead cells could not cluster on your hair. Proper moisturizing is also essential for your scalp. So use a good moisturizer and it should also be suitable to your scalp. While having a head bath massage your scalp in a circular motion. It promotes proper blood flow to the scalp, soothes your nerves, your muscles relaxes muscles and it makes your scalp flexible.