Friday, 19 April 2013

Types of Hair

In the form of hair, Mother Nature has blessed us with the best ever gift.  Healthy, beautiful and lustrous hair is the dream of the every person. But maintaining healthy and beautiful hair isn’t a piece of cake it need time, care and healthy life style. However knowledge of your hair type can solve half of your problem. Once you get acknowledged of your hair type, you will have better idea about what should you do with your hair and what should you need to avoid.
Basically depending on their texture locks are of three types :

Dry Hair :
Dry hairs mostly attributed to the inactive oil glands. Some time oil accumulates oil produced block the pores resisting oil to flow on the surface.  Sometime over exposure to the sun, excessive use of chemicals, shampoos and coloring agents wash out natural oil of hair making them rough and dry.
What to do :
  • Apply oil twice a week.
  • Have diet which is rich in protein and zinc.
  • Use mild shampoo, moisturizer and conditioner with normal ph balance.
  • Avoid hair dryers and curlers.
  • You can also apply honey with cream on hairs to give them smooth and silky touch.

Oily hair :
If your hair looks greasy and attracts dirt very easily then you definitely have oily hair type. Person with oily hair usually have hyper active oil glands which accompanies with oily skin. Like dry hair oily hairs also need extra care.

What to do :
  • Rinse hair frequently as much as possible. You can also use lemon for washing purpose.
  • Avoid oily food and eat green & leafy vegetables and fruits.
  • Use herbal oil and shampoos rich in neem & heena.
  • Use of multani mitti once a week also maintains your tresses oil balance.

Normal Hair :
Normal hair is supposed to be the best kind of the hair. They are neither too dry nor oily. They are usually well balance, shining and don’t dry out.  If you are blessed with the normal hair then you just only need proper maintenance and care of locks.

What to do :
  • Have balance diet and drink lot of water.
  • Use mild shampoo and conditioner.

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