Thursday, 13 June 2013

Hair Care

Every one has a dream of Strong, healthy and beautiful hair but only the lucky ones are blessed with this beautiful asset.  Beautiful hairs are centre of the attraction and not only glorify the personality of a person but also boast confidence.  However in today’s modern life style it’s become very difficult to take proper care of the hair and this result in the hair loss and hair baldness. However with advancement in the technology and medical science every day new product are coming in the market claiming to be the  best hair care product , but hardly any of the them can stands its tall claims.  Instead of reliving hair loss and hair baldness, the harsh chemical presents in them make our hair more dull and unattractive.

Apart from hair loss remedies , hair baldness treatments are so expensive that common person cannot afford them.   But in our Vedic manuscripts we have lots of such natural treatments that not only prevent hair fall and easily available to anyone.  Here are some of the natural remedies to avoid hair loss.

Hot Oil Treatment : 
Hot oil treatment is very good for your hair. Take any natural hair oil and heat it till get warm them massage it gently into your scalp and then rinse after some. Hot oil treatment only makes your hair smooth but also helps in retaining the moisture in the hair.

Head Massage : 
This is one of the best way to activate your hair follicles. Have head massage daily every day for few minute, it improves your circulation which in turn activate the growth of your hair follicles.

Juices of Natural Products :
You can apply the juices of onion, garlic etc on your hair. It will help your tresses look shiny and beautiful.

You can also apply henna, egg, and curd on your hair. They not only let your tresses to reflect their shine but also act as moisturizing agents. You can also use green tea. You can heat green tea and keep it on scalp for an hour and then rinse it.

Include green vegetable, colored fruits in your diets and have 8-10 glass of water in a day.

Avoid chemicals and as far as possible chooses natural products


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