Thursday, 22 August 2013

Hair Care Tips in Monsoon

Hair problem in monsoon is very frequent. Rainy season along with it brings lots of problems like dandruff, hair fall,and itchy scalp. Excessive humidity in the environment has an adverse impact on the tresses making them dull, oily and sticky and in extreme condition for the excessive hair fall. So like skin your locks need an extra care in rainy season. Here are the few tips that come in handy to get rid of all the hair problems during the rainy season.

Limited the use of hair styling products
If you use chemical based hair styling products to give your locks a perfect look then think twice before using. Since the level of the humidity during monsoon remains very high, these chemical based hairs styling product make your tresses more oily and sticky. So its better avoid frequent use of gels and other hair styling products.

Keep your tresses dry
Usually a human being loss 50-60 strands daily but in monsoon this number may exceed to 200 which can wreck havoc on hairs. So it is suggested to keep your hair and scalp dry to avoid unwanted hair problems such as hair fall and dandruff.

Use gentle and mild shampoo
Dandruff, itchy scalp and oily hairs are very common during rainy season and use of harsh chemical based shampoo can exaggerate these problems. So rinse your hair regularly with mild and gentle shampoo. It not only keeps your hair clean but also adds volume to the hairs.

Pay extra attention to what you eat :
Whatever you eat, directly and indirectly counts to the health of the hairs. Add food items such as nuts, pulses, eggs, salmon, kidney beans and whole grain its rich in proteins to your diet regime. Along with this drink plenty of water.

Regular oiling and Conditioning :
Regular conditioning and oiling of tresses is essential to keep them smooth. Excessive humidity makes the hairs rough and dry which results in frizzy hairs.

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