Friday, 6 September 2013

Vitamins For Healthy Hair

Wishing good hair and having good hairs are two different thing ands in today’s busy and stressed life it’s too difficult to take care of hair properly.  In lack of proper hair care regime our locks either start falling or reducing and this is the time when we switched to various hair care products. But do you know by giving little attention to what we eat, we can prevent hair fall problems to maximum. Here are some nutritional supplements which help in preventing hair fall :

Vitamin C :
Vitamin C which acts as an anti-oxidant plays important role in preventing hair loss. Intake of fruits and vegetables containing vitamin C, such as lemon, oranges etc can reduce the hair fall to greater extent.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids :
Omega-3 fatty acid has ability to combat dry and brittle hair. It prevents hair fall, flaking of scalp and add luster, sheen and elasticity to hairs. Omega 3 fatty acids can rejuvenate your hair follicle; help hair grow faster and stronger. Omega 3 fatty acids are found in fish, especially salmon and sardines. The

Lysine :
Lysine is an amino acid which is responsible for protein synthesis. Since hair is made of protein therefore intake of lysine helps prevent hair fall. L-lysine is found in red meat, nuts, pork, poultry, Parmesan cheese, soybeans and eggs.

B Vitamins :
Stress is one of major cause of hair fall and vitamins B help grow hair by aiding body to handle stress. Inositol and B 12 vitamin respectively speed hair growth and prevent hair loss.  Mostly vitamin B is found in egg and Meat.

Vitamin D :
Vitamin D prevent hair fall by stimulating hair follicles. Vitamin D is actually a hormone and since hair loss is also related to hormonal imbalance, so regular intake of vitamin d in diet can reduce the hair fall problems. Foods that contain a good amount of Vitamin D are: salmon, mackerel, tuna, eggs, milk, and shiitake mushrooms.

Vitamin E :
Vitamin E helps in the growth of capillaries which in turn result in increased circulation. It also prevents spilt ends and premature greying of hairs. Vitamin E in conditioner can prevent dry hairs .

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