Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Life style and eating tips to reduce hair fall.

Hair fall has become one of the most common problems across the world. Every person has to come across this problem at some point of life. But in most of case it is temporary and can be prevented by giving little attention to our life style and eating habits. Here are few life style and eating tips to reduce hair fall:

Avoid Junk Food :
Say big no to junk food and include protein rich food such as nuts, pork, wheat, Parmesan cheese, soybeans and eggs etc in your diet plan. Protein is the main component which is responsible for the growth of hair. Along with drink alteast 8-10 glass of water every day.

Beat Stress
Stress is one of major factor that contributes to hair fall and hair baldness. As far as possible develop a positive ambiance around you and practice medication and yoga regularly.

Follow a proper hair care regime :
Another one of the major cause of hair fall is lack of proper hair. Today, we are so busy in life that we have no time for our hairs. Follow a proper hair care regime. Have hot oil massage once or twice a week. Avoid harsh chemical based product and Use only natural hair care products. Rinse hair with only Luke warm water and use only thick comb.

Choose Healthy Life style :
Active and Healthy life style is very necessary for over all health of the person. Have adequate sleep and say no to smoking and alcohol etc.
Avoid chemical coloring agents :
Use of chemical ammonia based hair coloring agents’ makes hair brittle. So instead of having strong chemical based coloring agent use natural coloring agents such as henna. Natural products are not only good for hairs but also increases shelf life of the hairs.


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