Thursday, 3 October 2013

Majitrich Capsule

Majitrich, a Perfect trick for hair loss
Hair Loss is so common these days that every second person is struggling from it. Irrespective of male and female, it affects both the genders equally. In today’s life where people are more conscious about how they look, hairs play an important role in enhancing ones personality.
Having good hairs where make you look confident and presentable while less hair or no hair can lower you confidence. So having good hair is like blessing that affects you both physically and mentally. So if you have hair loss problem then it’s the time to pay attention.

Majitrich is an herbal based Capsule
It has a perfect combination of the Saw palmetta,Biotin,Calcium pantothenate,L-metthionin and ferrous sulphate that not only reduce hair loss but also stimulate hair growth. Each and Every ingredient in Majitrich is tested and works scientifically on hair loss problem. It works deep from the roots of hair to the tips of hairs by stimulating hair follicle.

Is it Safe?
Majitrich is 100 percent herbal product that has no side effect on the user. It is also effective in hair fall problem like Androgenic Alopecia in both male and female.One can use it on regular basis on the prescription of the doctor.It is easily available all over India.
Precautions:Consult doctor or dermatologist before use.Avoid during pregnancy and lactation.


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