Saturday, 22 March 2014

Change your life style & change fate of your hairs

Hair is among the most important possession of the human. For years poets have pen down thousands of poems about the beauty of the hair. Hairs have always been the important aspect of human personality that adds volume to their overall persona. In today’s hectic lifestyle it’s not easy for every one of us to follow that expensive and long sitting hour of the hair salons. However an easy way to get healthy hair is to make a little change in your daily hair care regime.

Improve your diet : Whatever you eat has an impact on how your hairs are. So eat balanced and protein rich diet. Iron and zinc are also good for hair. Add soya products, wheat germs, pumpkin sees and egg yolk to your diet.    

Increase intake of Water : Water not only add glow to skin only but is essential for the healthy hair. So make sure that you drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. Water not only helps nutrient to reach the hairs but also stabilized the temperature of the hair to the normal level.

Avoid Dandruf :  Most of us take dandruff lightly. But you know flaking in severe case lead to infection and may lead to hair fall. So use good and doctor prescribed anti-dandruff shampoo to fend off dandruff.

Avoid excessive exposure to the sun : UV rays are very harmful to the hairs. So try to avoid direct exposure to the hairs as it makes your hair deprived of moisture and dry it out. So better wear a hat and scarf every time you go out.

Regular hair oiling : Hair oiling has a miraculous effect on your hair. Regular oiling helps your hair to retain essential moisture and nutrient. It also improves blood circulation of the scalp.

Avoid blow drying :  Blow drying hair is very common but do you know how bad it is for hair? When we blow dry our hair it makes our hair short of moisture and make them brittle. So it’s suggested to dry your hair in natural sunlight.

Handle your hair with care : Hairs are at best when handled with care. Don’t comb your hair harshly. Always tie your hair loosely and as far as possible avoid hair accessories because they make the hairs to lose their grip and brittle.

Medication : Many studies have proven that medication is very effective in hair fall treatment. Meditation helps in reducing unnecessary life style stress and tension.

Last but not the least be happy, keep your mind cool and enjoy life.


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